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The Pink Rider v3.0: Humanitarian and EVACs mission

In recent weeks, I have been preparing for this project, expanding my knowledge in the fields of psychology, medicine. Beneath the guise of "The Pink Rider" lies a fictional alter ego, born from the absurd reality of the mentioned territories. Currently, this persona embodies that of a cyclist, psychologist, humanitarian activist, frontline evacuator, and documentarian.

DOC film developing bout EVACs porocess in Ukraine, 2023

A film about the beginnings of the evacuation of civilians from Donbas during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. From three perspectives: volunteers, refugees and residents decided to stay and live on the front line.


Fallow my work in Ukraine after 24 of February 2022

I'm trying to get my heroes back in the next stage of the Russian-Ukrainian hybrid war. Totally this time


About an idea

MakeCoffeeNotWar's an independent transmedia story - including documentary film, about the War in Donbass. An armed conflict in region of Ukraine, part of the Ukrainian crisis and the broader Russo-Ukrainian War. It's also an innovative idea of the social activism, that uses new media to help the population living in the area of military operation.


A new chapter in September - December 2020

Currently (October-December, 2020) I am realising the artistic “The Pink Rider” performance, during which I am cycling around the military zone to create “Premortal portraits” of the forgotten inhabitants of Donbas. “The Pink Rider” is an alter ego created especially for the purpose of my work. It is the result of the absurd of the reality found there as well as an experimental attempt to reflect on the essence of humanity in the modern world.



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