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Yesterday I was crossing the border between the DNR, and Ukraine this time I was checked by the Security Service of Ukraine. They asked why I was in DNR and what I was doing there.They was checking the laptop etc. When I was passing block- post bound my eyes that I wouldn’t know their current position , they didn’t trust me . After several minutes of interrogation (interview), they let go and drove to Artimovska.

I returned to Ukraine to Severodonetsk , meet up with friends from the Ukrainian channel ZiK TV, with whom I had the pleasure to travel a little for the Donbas. This guys run one of the best program in the Ukraine TV about the situation at the front. I lent them equipment for filming and through contact acquired in Krymsie. I want to visit the people and Battalion 24 of Ukrainian Army (Lviv battalion), where now it is difficult situation .There are ongoing now have intensive exchange of fire and shootings. Very dangerous I wanna spends a few days there.



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