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The reportage was downloaded from Luhansk24TV youtube channel before it was removed by the station’s network. Unfortunately, I downloaded it without sound. When I found it out and tried to fix it, it was already too late. Video went offline. I apologise for that.

However, the subject is serious! Therefore, I uploaded it even without the sound, as a warning to others! After almost a full day of hearing of us, firstly in the LRN block-post by 2 nervous soldiers, secondly by the security services of LRN at their headquarters, we were released. Already being outside of main their headquarters in Luhansk, Luhansk24 TV made the first material to the television with us. Few days later, agents called us and explained that the video was not recorded well and we need to record it again. We did it, although we felt that they try to use us for their own purposes. Few days later, the agents called again. They said that we need to record once again (3rd). This time the recording has been done at the headquarters of the security services in Lugansk. The questions were asked not by journalists like before, but by the agents. They were trying to provoke us by asking the questions that would show the Ukrainian side in bad light. We knew that we are being used, but we had no choice so we had to answer the questions. To our surprise, even though we tried not to talk about anything important (like about a politics, we just only tried told about idea of documentary movie which we were trying to make) they have managed to create that masterpiece propaganda reportage. They have cut the sentences and constructed different context of our statements.

The outcome was a shocking, even for us, after seeing it for the first time. Most of our comments have been manipulated, and adapted to LRN point of view. They have created a material which support the LRN and condemn Ukraine. Not true! I had to intervene. I wrote comments under the video explaining that this video is a manipulation. They were afraid and agreed to delete the video if I delete a my post about this incident from facebook. I was on the territory of LRN so I agreed. They also gave me a word that they will submit a report without propaganda, which they never did.

Be careful what you watch and read! Read various sources! Ask questions! Propaganda is being made every day, everywhere (of course not only in LRN).

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